Elon Musk can keep Mars. We love Earth.

Ex-South African billionaire Elon Musk’s Space X programme is busy designing craft that will ferry the first humans to Mars. Reports suggest Musk believes colonising other planets is the only way we can ensure the survival of the human race. He’s not alone in his thinking. A prominent human behavioural specialist has been quoted as saying, “We need to destroy the Earth, in order to give us the momentum and the drive to find new worlds to ensure our survival.”

Well, we at Tedcor do not agree with this philosophy at all! Why can’t the intrepid space travellers go forth and find new worlds, while the homebodies and tree huggers stay on terra firma and preserve the mother planet? We do not believe that the two paradigms need to be mutually exclusive – there is, after all, a place in the sun for everyone.

As such, Tedcor will continue to preach its message of reduce, re-use, recycle, to ensure we preserve our beautiful planet until the Sun decides it’s time to explode.


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