Our Brand Story

In the heady days of 1996, shortly after South Africa witnessed its rebirth into a fully-fledged democracy, and a few short years before the dawn of a new millennium, a company was born that saw, ahead of its time, the need to nurture the green.

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Domestic Waste Collection
Tedcor offers a domestic waste collection service on behalf of municipalities or their public sector institutions responsible for managing waste.
Commercial Waste Collection
Tedcor provides collection, handling and transportation of waste for commercial clients.
Waste Management
The resources we consume - water, energy air, land, trees, minerals - are finite, and will not be there for future generations if do not conserve them.
Tedcor applies its wealth of experience to provide clients with innovative and creative solutions in the waste sector.

Our Brand Story

In the heady days of 1996, shortly after South Africa witnessed its rebirth into a fully-fledged democracy, and a few short years before the dawn of a new millennium, a company was born that saw, ahead of its time, the need to nurture the green. In some instances, that green was the physical earth from which we all draw life and breath, and in others it was the ‘green’ of the people who were NEW to the world of business, but who KNEW very little about being successful in it. It was a critical juncture in time, where becoming an incubator for talent and skill, while at the same time growing custodians of the planet (so that their children would be able to live in a world as beautiful as the one they found), was no longer just a ‘nice-to-have’ – it was imperative to our future survival.

This company understood that stopping the forward march of progress was impossible, and that humanity would continue to advance, despite the potential cost to the planet and ultimately all its living creatures. So its founders started to use the organ which has kept mankind alive over thousands of years: the brain. Asking quality questions of themselves, those at the coalface of the new company searched for ways to achieve two main aims: save the planet, and help people become empowered so that they could really live and take care of their loved ones. Those two aims remain to this day.

Ten years later, in 2006, a young and feisty woman stepped into the fray. Her name is Verona Ismail. She took to her new job like a protected duck took to clean and clear water, and she knew that her fate was sealed – that this is where her life’s work lay, her great contribution to making the universe a better place.

Over the next ten years, until 2016, she never let go of her vision. In a world dominated by old-world thinking, she embraced her power and held fast to her purpose, of enabling people, and re-enabling the planet. She caught the cusp of the zeitgeist just in time, for going green, despite the naysayers, has never been more hip and cool. No longer the purview of the avant garde, of the different, waste management is the responsibility of every human being on the planet, and the six or so human beings in space. In May 2017 Verona bought the company, making it a 100% black female-owned venture. She and her valiant troupe are ably leading the charge to, as Michael Jackson put it, “Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race.”

Of course, it is not possible to lead without enlisting the help of all, for everyone counts, and everyone matters. So one of the core tenets of the company is to empower people, which the company has done with style and grace.

But why Tedcor? Well, that’s where the brand story ends off, and where the rest is up to you, our reader today, our supplier, our valued staff member, our empowered service provider, and our very special client.

Let’s begin by saying that “cor” stands for “corporation.” What does “Ted” stand for? We could share with you about our founding members and their vision for what we have become, but for us, the “Ted” part is where YOU fit in:

  • Perhaps, for some, TED means Tender Environmental Dynamics, where we tenderly nurse the earth in all its green glory, realising that Mother Nature is constantly in a cauldron of change and renewal, so it exists in a dynamic state, and we must embrace change as we seek to preserve and protect.
  • Perhaps it means Treating Everyone with Dignity, when we impatiently see a man on the side of the road pushing a cart filled with plastic bottles, yet instead of hooting as we drive past and trying not to knock him down, we thank him and say a prayer for him, that in his own entrepreneurial way, he has helped to clean up our plastic rubbish and is contributing to recycling waste and saving our world.
  • Perhaps the meaning is Trying, Excelling, Diversifying, as we find new ways to manage waste and clean up our act as humans, and then once we have succeeded, we find newer and even better ways to give back to the earth and to our fellow human beings.

You see, customised waste management is not just a business for us. It’s a lifestyle, a cause, a calling. And we would so like to share that with you. So if you’d like us to help you realise just how much you care about the earth and all its people, even if you say you can’t afford to, or you haven’t the time to get your hands dirty, then look us up, and let us do your dirty work for you. We’d love the opportunity to step up and take on the challenge.

We’ve taken a liberty or two, by creating our own Tedcor Teddy Bear. As you read our story, you’ll see that we have a love affair with OR Tambo, a man who believed with vision and purpose in the future of South Africa and all who call her home, irrespective of their skin colour. Well, we are also in love with an American president (and no, it’s certainly not the current one). His name is Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, from 1901 to 1909, and the man after whom the Teddy Bear was named, following its dual German-American invention in the first few years of the 20th Century. With thanks to Wikipedia, we know that as a leader of the Progressive Movement, he championed his Square Deal domestic policies, promising the average citizen fairness, breaking of trusts, regulation of railroads, and pure food and drugs. Making conservation a top priority, he established many new national parks, forests, and monuments intended to preserve the nation's natural resources. We couldn’t think of a more fitting leader who, way before it became PC to do it, sought to look after the environment, while also looking after people.

So it is with great pleasure that we introduce Tedcor’s new mascot, its very own family of Teddy Bears, who will preach the message of clean, green, and lean, far and wide.

The Tedcor Teddy espouses the principle of working together in partnership to deliver waste management services to the community.

Please help us build our brand story from this moment on. We cannot make the world better for the planet and its people without you. Thank you for reading, and hearing.

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