Better Recycling

Tedcor is more than just waste management. Here’s how you can help!

Remember to collect all your rubbish! If you’re at work or home, lead by example. Never throw rubbish out of a car window, thinking it’s someone else’s problem.
At the very least, you can separate plastic bottles from the rest of the rubbish. Try to use different bins for different types of rubbish. Keep wet waste separate from the rest.
If you’re absolutely passionate about the environment, also separate your paper and re-use it. Please sign up for our newsletter and/or read our latest news for tips and tricks on taking care of the world.
Make use of bins at work and in public spaces that are specially created for separate rubbish. Re-use plastic wherever possible. Throw veggie and fruit peels into the garden as they are biodegradable.

Recycling Basics

Here are some recycling basics that you can apply in your daily life. Select from glass, plastic, paper and metal to access the recommended do’s and don’ts.


Would you like to know how we recycle our waste and how our business is currently operating?

Humans produce large amounts of rubbish that needs to be effectively recycled. In some cases, it can take hundreds or even thousands of years for waste to be broken down and returned to its natural state in the environment. Please download our report on what we are currently busy with in the field of waste management and recycling. Our counters below also show you the percentage of types of waste proportionally processed by Tedcor.

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